Off The Ground

 Drone Services LLC


We provide high quality HD aerial photography and videography for the following applications:

Advertising and Promotion
Showcase your hotel, resort, marina, wedding venue, and more with a bird's eye view.
Commercial and Residential Real Estate
A unique and incredible way for realtors to market their listings.
Give your listing the competitive edge!
Golf Courses
Unique way for golf courses and resorts to showcase the beauty of their course.
We can provide a flyover video of an entire hole that can give golfers a preview
of the hole enabling them how to best plan their shots.
Insurance Assessments
Property review, risk assessment, and damage inspection.
Drones can easily inspect damaged roofs and other hard to reach places.
Construction Site Inspections
Powerful cost effective safe alternative to risking the crew of a helicopter in
some tight or otherwise risky locations.
Keep track of construction progress, or inspect site damage. 
Use aerial phtography to assist in planning your real estate development project. 
Crop monitoring.